Chuan Hoe 3 in 1 White Coffee (5 sachet x 35g) 全和三合一白咖啡
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Brand Chuan Hoe Coffee
Size (L x W x H) 7 cm x 13 cm x 23 cm
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Chuan Hoe Coffee, a traditional trademark and a time-honoured brand in the Royal Town n of Klang. Chuan Hoe Coffee mill has been producing Kopi O powder for decades since 1960s. We remain the spirit by keeping its production line in an authentic traditional way, in order to preserve the essence in taste and the good smell of our coffee beans. All the process, from selecting the coffee beans, drying, frying, milling, baking with wood fire and packaging, is carried out carefully with love and care. It is unbelievable that our founder still remains this passion and persistence till this day in continuing this traditional art of coffee making. We brew the coffee with our utmost sincerity because all our coffee is freshly produced in a daily basis! We assure you the coffee taste is promisingly smooth and thick!