About Us 关于我们

JjK Store, the first leading online tourism platform in Malaysia covering Federal Route 5 (Klang as starting point), which introduces variety of local time-honoured brands, local products and service. Consumers nowadays not only looking for a reasonable price and quality of a product, but would also seek for a healthier, economical, safer and convenient choice as part of their considerations. Thus, from this perspective, JjK Store would like to introduce some of these historical Made in Klang products and services.


JjK Store would like to collaborate with various potential partners through this platform. We sincerely welcome any time-honoured brand who wants to increase their exposure or friends who like to transform their business mode. Our jobs include sorting out the secretarial works, film making and advertising on social medias platforms (Facebook LIVE, Instagram). We would like to help more of these partners to expand their market to an international level and increase their popularity.


What are the benefits?

  • Cost Saving: We advertise in multiple ways, including Facebook and Instagram LIVE etc. using the minimum cost for an optimum advertisement effect. 
  • Resources Sharing: Different business partners may help each other in creating more business opportunities. 
  • Promoting Klang: Merchants can promote their own brands as a Klang citizen and become one of the Klang Tourism ambassadors. 
  • Story Packaging: Let our consumers have a deeper understanding on the product value by adding in the cultural story background. 
  • Community Popularity: Exposure rate in different community can be increased simultaneously. 
  • Local Alliance: Merchants may support each other by interacting through offline & online. 
  • Media: Feature your products on medias (Sin Chew Daily, The Star etc.) based on the condition. 
  • Education: Allow your product to be displayed (or maybe sold) in schools and build a good image from it. 



JjK Store皇城好礼是大马首个以5号公路(巴生为起点),介绍在地人熟悉的老字号、商品特色与服务的线上旅游平台。现在消费者不仅追求价格和品质,而且還需要符合现代人追求的健康、省钱、安心、方便简单的现代理念。


因此,皇城好礼便從這個角度去发掘及推荐这些有故事的Made in Klang商品与服务。 借由这平台,JjK Store想寻找更多不一样的合作伙伴。不管是想要增加老字号商品的曝光机会还是想转型的伙伴,我们都欢迎您加入。我们会帮忙写文案、制作影片、Fb Live、Instagram等线上线下的宣传。我们想帮助更多伙伴解决现在的困扰,把自己的商品冲出大马,打造更强的知名度。 



  • 节省资金:我们宣传使用多重管道包含Facebook、Instagram、FB live等,用最少的资金达到最好的宣传效应 
  • 资源共享:通过不同行业的合作伙伴,互相帮忙,达到共同推行及转介绍增加商机 
  • 推广巴生:最熟悉的地方就是自己的家,让商家用自己熟悉的回忆推广巴生,推广自己的品牌,成为巴生旅游大使 
  • 故事包装: 产品加入故事元素,让消费者更了解产品内涵,提高其价值和文化 
  • 社区对接:让不同社区的特色可以提高曝光率 
  • 地方联盟:商家可以互相扶持建立线上线下交流 
  • 媒体宣传:依据情况让你的商品得到媒体报道 
  • 结合教育:让产品走入校园建立良好形象